Melissa mahoney
Abstract Painter & Textile Designer



Paint+Plate is a collaborative project from painter Melissa Mahoney and food blogger Lynn Gray ( in which food and art combine, reflect, and inspire. A per chance meeting at an art gallery produced the idea for the art-meets-cuisine project. Via email, the duo first defined the project’s themes of celebration, luck, and new beginnings, from there colors and textures were explored and then the two went their separate ways to create.

Melissa prepared canvas in her studio as Lynn prepped ingredients in her kitchen. Oysters, always traditional for a New Year’s fete, became the subject in Lynn’s kitchen and in front of her camera.

Initial test shots and recipes were sent to Melissa and the reflection from plate to paint began to emerge. Melissa responded with a series of fifteen paintings. The two artists revealed their works - the resulting project of paintings, photographs, and recipe mirrors the conceptual elements of the visual and culinary arts, a play on color to cuisine, texture to taste and paint to plate.

Melissa Mahoney