Melissa mahoney
Abstract Painter & Textile Designer



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This richly hued, all-weather scarf on 100% luxuriously soft modal brings together the circular energy of Melissa Mahoney’s artwork with the inspiring Google colors. For sale at the Google Merchandise Store. Learn more


Melissa Mahoney creates artwork that hangs in corporate, public and private spaces. If you are interested in seeing current inventory, or commissioning a painting, or collaborating, please contact Melissa Mahoney.

Current textiles include custom scarves for colleges, universities, and corporations. These textiles include custom artwork created for each organization. If you are interested in a custom scarf, please contact Melissa Mahoney.




Triton Museum of Art

Expression through color and form — Painting workshop with Melissa Mahoney

Processing emotions and shifting your internal thoughts through painting abstractly. This workshop will help you release your thoughts and emotions onto a canvas, by using only color and form. You’ll reach inside and determine how you’d like to feel. Maybe bold, energized or peaceful and meditative. These emotions can be expressed in a range of forms and shapes, ranging from smooth lines, circles or explosions of paint or any form or shape that comes to mind.

Registration opening August 2019
October 20, 2019, 1-4pm