Melissa mahoney
Abstract Painter & Textile Designer



Melissa Mahoney creates artwork that hangs in corporate, public and private spaces. If you are interested in seeing current inventory, or commissioning a painting, or collaborating, please contact Melissa Mahoney.

Current textiles include custom scarves for colleges, universities, and corporations. These textiles include custom artwork created for each organization. If you are interested in a custom scarf, please contact Melissa Mahoney.




Triton Museum of Art

Expression through color and form — Painting workshop with Melissa Mahoney

Processing emotions and shifting your internal thoughts through painting abstractly. This workshop will help you release your thoughts and emotions onto a canvas, by using only color and form. You’ll reach inside and determine how you’d like to feel. Maybe bold, energized or peaceful and meditative. These emotions can be expressed in a range of forms and shapes, ranging from smooth lines, circles or explosions of paint or any form or shape that comes to mind.

Registration opening August 2019
October 20, 2019, 1-4pm