Melissa mahoney
Abstract Painter & Textile Designer



Melissa Mahoney
Studio/Home: Palo Alto, California
Phone: (805) 450-6844  

Approx # of pieces to install: this can range, but roughly 12-24 paintings
Suggested location: lobby, hallway, common space 

Google — Color Story

Color has power and emotion in it.
It can quickly and subconsciously shift the feeling of an environment and transform the energy of people in that space.

Google’s brand colors have a definitive impact on viewers, and they can be different for each person.

My paintings are driven by color and composition. The abstraction removes the subject, so that the emotion, created with color and texture, transfers to the viewer.

Pictured above is an arrangement of some of my paintings that reflect Google’s color story. These are from my recent series titled Vortices. 

Google could hang a row of paintings and the amount could be divisible by six (6, 12, 18 or 24). This will visually tie into the amount of letters in the Google logo (6), as well as tie into the Google color palette..

The paintings can be 24” x 24”, or a different size if needed.
All paintings will be wired and ready to hang.