Artwork inspired by your brand

Elevate your brand


Customize your workplace with paintings inspired by your company logo.

The artist collaborates with you to create custom artwork that visually conveys your company's

brand attributes; bold and energetic, calming and relaxing, or grounded and secure.

Energize your space

Offices |  Hotels  |  Spas

Recent work: Firefox

Inspired by the Mozilla Firefox logo, this painting from the Vortices series in the collection at their corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Vulpes (Latin for fox)

Create visual continuity

Reception areas. Conference room. Hallways. Personal offices.

Recent work:
Source Technologies

Source Technologies celebrated its 25th anniversary by commissioning forty-five original paintings for their business partners and employees. Each painting has a certificate of authenticity signed by the CEO and the artist.

Vortices : Frenetic

Create a sense of arrival

And a memorable welcome

Build a stronger brand


Painting sizes from 12" x 12" to 60" x 60". All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity signed by your CEO and by the artist, Melissa Mahoney.